Completion of MOYD Numeral II

DAY FORTY SEVEN 6:20pm on 3/23/08

In all technical aspects of lent...I am done. I am done. I am done. I am done. Oh boy I am done. This year was longer and ten times harder and mentally damaging. But I am done. This is my first post since Tuesday. I did that on purpose. This last week was not easy like I thought it would be. I was very weak. I couldn't afford to come here and think about it even more. But I return, and I am done.

I really enjoyed mass today. I thought of it as a celebration- like when a politician wins the race. It was like that, but we also got a piece of wafer bread and a sip of wine. I'm kind of at a lost for words here, struggling to put something together one last time. All I can come up with is "I am done."

This puppy will still continue though. I'm not going to end the streak on the holiest day of the year. I promised Jesus that, today at church. Plus I am incredibly exhausted and might even make it to bed before midnight for once in my life. It might not even end tomorrow though. I have a really busy day ahead of me. I am moving one of my senile Great Aunts stuff from one home an hour away to another even further. Not exactly what I want to do to celebrate, and I was kind of con'd into helping today at easter too. But alas I am a good soul and will help my family because that is what family's are for. After that I have a hockey game. So tomorrow doesn't look like the end of this. After that it will be day 48, and than we will see where I go from there. It would be nice to end at 50. That is a solid number. It doesn't sound as funny though as 47 or 48. Like if someone to ask, in a general conversation,

"what is the longest you have gone without jerking off?"

"47 days"

That just sounds funny to me. 50 sounds fake. But 47, no, no one would make up that number. Mark Egan brought up to me though that his first reaction to this would be "umm, you know exactly how many days...ok?" So who knows, I'm more than likely standing alone here.

Alright, I'm going to go bask in glory for awhile. I'll be back here for probably one more update. I'm going to try and keep the blog going, 'cause it gives me an excuse to write. I'm more than likely going to get a new one though for a new start. I figure enough people have read this monster so I don't need to advertise it anymore. I'll post the new url here or my lj.

For the last time

Confidence Meter: 10!


lydia said...

congrats! ...haha, weirdest thing i've ever, and probably will ever, congratulate anyone one on

Dan said...

ya know, i saw someone had already commented and i got kind of pissed that i didn't get to first this monumental post. however, given that lydia was the commenter i am not upset at all. big ups to not rippin the wire for all that time. i'll buy you are beer on this note and make sure the toast is grand.

illman said...

whats MOYD stand for?