Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY FORTY ONE 10:26pm on 3/17/08

Today marks numerous occasions. First off, today is St. Patty's Day- the greatest none holiday there is. It's also thrill houses b-day. Can't forget that. It sucks to have a b-day on a non national holiday but Ill gets a pass because his b-day coincides with a drinkin' holiday.

More importantly today is the forty first day in a row that I have not jerked off. That is a new all time high. I'm kind of glowing right now. Assholes are in the other room playing "drinking games". The best part is that I started drinking way before these fucks because. I'm actually Irish (thanks poppop I love you!) and I'm more gone than than them but I can still manage to post here because it's still in the best nature of the cause.

I miss Sean, an actual Irish man!

Feeling so confident that I sleep naked these days! FUCK YOU!

Confidence Meter: 8-HOLY SHIT


Dan said...

one of the best posts to date. and i am reading this instead of studying for two tests i have in a matter of hours. i have my priorities straight.

momo said...

I miss you too dude, I almost faught an irish man on st. patrick's day because i ganked his beer. WOOOOOO, The german 40 is a liter can of beer. Its amazing. Its like a soup can of beer. I'll be in touch. It must be nice to know you the next time you jerk pete north aint got shit on you. Still think you should video tape it somehow (no homo)

Mark said...

St Patricks day was on the 15th this year.

illman said...

Thanks for the shout out and the voice mail...it made my day. I for one got hammered on the beach, ate, then my friends were just staying in for a little bit but I wanted to go out. So I went to the club across the street by myself, got hammered. Danced with some girl I don't remember. Was called up on stage cause it was my birthday (I think) then the DJ wanted me to fake and orgasm. I said no thats lame, and got booed off the stage. I continued drinking and sitting at random tables of people since I was a loner there. I decided to go home at 1130, I dont remember but my friends there made me a peanut butter bagel as a birthday cake and sang to me, I then passed out as they were just going out to the clubs.