Saw that Sean randomly (well, not that random) commented on my last entry here.

No non jerk off escapades for yours truly this year. I thought I would give myself at least one year off of this ungodly conquest that I went through three years in a row. Whether that entails that I am indeed weaker this year or whether I'm a stronger man is left for argument. I don't jerk off nearly as much as I did in my youth (early 20's) but still find enough me time on a weekly basis. Lent has already been going for a lil while now and I cannot imagine myself torturing myself four years in a row. To be honest I was a bad catholic boy this year for lent and did not plan ahead of time to quit anything in particular. I however have not had meat on Fridays but that is a suckers game and nothing compared to holding it in my pants for the past three years. I will miss my this place as a ground for me to vent and whine about my pecker though. It was a nice excuse for me to write and I tried to keep it as entertaining as possible for the readers. But alas, I shall strive for creative outputs in other medias and journals. I plan on getting the other blog a rolling soon and my firedanterhaar blog is always on my mind. I thank sean for commenting on my last post here to inspire me to at least scribble a few lines together to lay this beast to rest.

To celebrate the closing of this blog for at least a year I shall go ejaculate to something arousing.

With Love,

RP McMurphy