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I'm done with this here blog.

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Will I ever return here on another conquest? Doubtful, but you never know.

Thanks for reading and thanks for believing.


- R.P. McMurphy


Completion of MOYD Numeral II

DAY FORTY SEVEN 6:20pm on 3/23/08

In all technical aspects of lent...I am done. I am done. I am done. I am done. Oh boy I am done. This year was longer and ten times harder and mentally damaging. But I am done. This is my first post since Tuesday. I did that on purpose. This last week was not easy like I thought it would be. I was very weak. I couldn't afford to come here and think about it even more. But I return, and I am done.

I really enjoyed mass today. I thought of it as a celebration- like when a politician wins the race. It was like that, but we also got a piece of wafer bread and a sip of wine. I'm kind of at a lost for words here, struggling to put something together one last time. All I can come up with is "I am done."

This puppy will still continue though. I'm not going to end the streak on the holiest day of the year. I promised Jesus that, today at church. Plus I am incredibly exhausted and might even make it to bed before midnight for once in my life. It might not even end tomorrow though. I have a really busy day ahead of me. I am moving one of my senile Great Aunts stuff from one home an hour away to another even further. Not exactly what I want to do to celebrate, and I was kind of con'd into helping today at easter too. But alas I am a good soul and will help my family because that is what family's are for. After that I have a hockey game. So tomorrow doesn't look like the end of this. After that it will be day 48, and than we will see where I go from there. It would be nice to end at 50. That is a solid number. It doesn't sound as funny though as 47 or 48. Like if someone to ask, in a general conversation,

"what is the longest you have gone without jerking off?"

"47 days"

That just sounds funny to me. 50 sounds fake. But 47, no, no one would make up that number. Mark Egan brought up to me though that his first reaction to this would be "umm, you know exactly how many days...ok?" So who knows, I'm more than likely standing alone here.

Alright, I'm going to go bask in glory for awhile. I'll be back here for probably one more update. I'm going to try and keep the blog going, 'cause it gives me an excuse to write. I'm more than likely going to get a new one though for a new start. I figure enough people have read this monster so I don't need to advertise it anymore. I'll post the new url here or my lj.

For the last time

Confidence Meter: 10!


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY FORTY TWO 6:00pm on 3/18/08

Too hungover to even think about this.

I have to get this post out of the way and than go lay some more.

Confidence Meter: 7


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY FORTY ONE 10:26pm on 3/17/08

Today marks numerous occasions. First off, today is St. Patty's Day- the greatest none holiday there is. It's also thrill houses b-day. Can't forget that. It sucks to have a b-day on a non national holiday but Ill gets a pass because his b-day coincides with a drinkin' holiday.

More importantly today is the forty first day in a row that I have not jerked off. That is a new all time high. I'm kind of glowing right now. Assholes are in the other room playing "drinking games". The best part is that I started drinking way before these fucks because. I'm actually Irish (thanks poppop I love you!) and I'm more gone than than them but I can still manage to post here because it's still in the best nature of the cause.

I miss Sean, an actual Irish man!

Feeling so confident that I sleep naked these days! FUCK YOU!

Confidence Meter: 8-HOLY SHIT


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY FORTY 10:25pm on 3/16/08

This is what we call the home stretch. I can see the light ahead. You can basically insert any of your favorite clich├ęs here and it will work. Tom is back to power me through this. I can't see myself failing at this, especially at this point.

Confidence Meter: 7


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY EIGHT/NINE 5:07am on 3/15/08

Finally under ten days. That feels so good.

I didn't have a chance to update yesterday because Andrew and myself went down to Bayside around 4 pm and proceeded to spend the entire night there. It was all capped off by another Blake Hoffarber miracle play... AWWW good times

This shit has nothing on me.

->still drunk 5:09am

Confidence Meter: 6


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY SEVEN 7:05pm on 3/13/08

I fucked up again. I can't say I only have ten days until tomorrow. Goddammit.

Today hasn't been bad. There were some decent hoops games that kept me intrigued/entertained. The faster I get to the weekend, the better off my mindset will be.

Confidence Meter: 3


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY SIX 5:14pm on 3/12/08

A few entries ago I mentioned that I might have screwed up the days but I would save that discovery for a different date. That day was today and I, in fact, screwed up the days- for the worse. I thought today would be the marker where I could say I only had ten days left. A glance at the calendar tells me otherwise. That day is in fact tomorrow. Ugh. Nothing is going right this week.

Confidence Meter: 2


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY FIVE 9:02pm on 3/11/08

It has been a touch day.

Nothing blog worthy.

The anger is rising.

Ryan Sheckler is not helping.

Confidence Meter: 2


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY FOUR 7:38pm on 3/10/08

I foresee this week being the toughest yet. The only reason I say that is because many of my peeps will be around next week for portions and they will be able to carry me to the promise land. I think I'll strap on the nut cup and just see what happens. This naked lady machine has been killing me. It is crucial that I avoid it as much as possible. I might sleep out on the couch some nights too, that might work. My mood will probably be very unattractive- pretty much the male version of PMS. Post Masturbation Syndrome.

Fuck this. Seriously.

Confidence Meter: 3


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY THREE 3:23pm on 3/9/08

I might need to go to church sometime before Easter Sunday. This conquest is heavily personal and not so much spiritual. Thats entirely ok, I have had that mentality from the get go. However, I feel that if I attend church that I might be able to receive some sort of deeper validation for giving up something so severe. There could be great praise being able to sit next to every-week Sunday church goers, knowing that they too have giving up something close to them. The ultimate confidence booster would be knowing that whatever they gave up for lent is no way more impressive than what I have. Definite ticket into Heaven.

Confidence Meter: 5


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY TWO 4:49pm on 3/8/08

Today should be a breeze (see all other Saturday posts. This Saturday should be even easier because there seems to be actual stuff going on, so that leaves little time to myself. If Saturday Fun Day pans out, I should be to day thirty three in no time.

Confidence Meter: 7


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY ONE 6:27pm on 3/7/08

I'm really starting to hope that somehow I miss counted and that I'm closer to Easter than I think. I'm waiting to go back and confirm the days for a later, more shaky, date.

Go Benilde!

Confidence Meter: 6


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY THIRTY 9:18 on 3/6/08

My days are simply becoming check marks on the calendar. I'm not trying to sound moving or poetic, that's just the way it is. I don't look at days as days, as a period of twenty four hours where stuff happens. I look at them as being a check mark that gets closer to that circle around the 23rd.

In other news, I got my computer back. It was in Young America and I had been using my moms laptop. Having this naked lady machine at my disposal is really quite the distraction. My mom's laptop really wasn't a naked lady machine. It was just something to check email with and post here. Comparing the two would be like post and pre Target Mongoose BMX bikes (If you know what I'm saying)

Confidence Meter: 5


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II


I'm checking in on this from the public library. I came to do research. I'm surrounded by multiple people and they have no clue that I'm currently typing in a blog about not cumming.

I'm getting there I suppose. I feel like if I get through this week and get it under 10 days than I'll be super motivated to push till the end. This week shouldn't be an issue. Last night I tried to get drunk off of wine. It just wasn't happening. People tell me it grows on you and that all of a sudden you'll just love it. I don't see that happening. I'd rather just drink alcohol or beer. I didn't sleep much last night. It's been like that since the puppy moved in. Speaking of which, I had to get away from him. In a total of one hour this morning, he pissed ten times- no bullshit. Six times outside and four inside. Fucking weird dog. So I was angry at him and of course, once again, he just walks in my lap and falls asleep. Oh puppies.

I'm staying moderately busy this week so there isn't really a lot of downtime to think about jerking off. Plus the High School Hockey Tournament started today. Four games a day for the next few days. That's plenty of entertainment to allow me to sit easy. Alright, I have some work to do (College tourney bracketing) and they only allow you to be on these comps for an hour, so I have to get going.

Confidence Meter: 7


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY TWENTY SEVEN 9:08pm on 3/3/08

I might have found my savior. His name is Soleil (don't ask) and is a six week old puppy. Justin purchased him on Friday and he just might be the thing that keeps me going. This morning, after Justin and Megan left for work, he was in his kennel crying. The first couple of nights he would do this and eventually stop. Not this morning though. I sat there staring at my ceiling (the dog is directly above me and sound travels perfectly through the vents)thinking, "goddamnit." So I got up and let him out and brought him out to pee and whatnot. We proceeded to play for the rest of the day. He would get crazy and start gnawing at my clothes and toes and I would freak out and yell. Than he would just come and lay on me and fall asleep. We had two glorious naps together. We're going to be best friends.

Note: I'm loosing the comp for a few days tomorrow and will have to catch up on posts later.

Confidence Meter: 6


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY TWENTY SIX 8:39pm on 3/2/08

Boring day. Sitting around the house. No one else is home. Not even the new puppy to play with.

Test of my true will ahead.

Confidence Meter: 1


Attempt at MOYD Numeral II

DAY TWENTY FIVE 8:47pm on 3/1/08

A new month. Hopefully a new outlook on this shitfest of an idea. It is comforting to look at my calendar and actually see Easter Sunday.

It's the weekend. I don't have problems with this on the weekend. I always have something going on, plus I work late nights so there is no lying in bed-can't fall asleep time to worry about. I don't know, if March lives up to the potential of being awesome that it should, I might be able to get through this without going completely crazy. Heres to that wishful thinking.

Confidence Meter: 5