Days 21, 22, 23, 24, & 25

Easy goes it I suppose. Not much to report but I figured I'd check in. I have been kind of down on this whole experience this past week. Wondering why I do it. Whats the point? Who cares, right? All regular speed bumps I'm used to by now. I don't know though, I might not have the energy and will to complete it this year. Over half way done. It seems like its been forever though. If I break it down I have three weeks left. That doesn't sound as bad but still, I have my doubts. One week at a time is what I tell myself. Days are too painful but weeks represent days off the calendar and that is all I pursue in life. I hope April arrives with a new string of confidence.

I had a few cocktails on St. Patty's day but they were with diet, non caffeinated soda so I feel alright about that.

Should of quite the cigs.

Down and out on this bitch.


Nocturnal Emissions: 0
Confidence: 10%


Dan said...

Tyler you've got to stay strong. I'm a little upset about your diet soda though, you really are begging for a wider variety of cancer later in life with the kind of crap in those sodas. But all the same, keep it going dude. I should have mentioned this earlier, but having a kid sure would make your particular challenge much easier.... just a thought for MOYD 2010.

momo said...

Today on the pot I was thinking of lent and my giving up alcohol (which i continue to dominate btw) and of your giving up touching yourself for the 3rd straight year. This should be your last time. I feel bad that you are neglecting yourself from a healthy habit of masterbating. I try to give it up, but it never works because i realize it is silly to neglect myself from that. With that said, there is no point to stop now. Next year you should give up not masterbating (does that make sense? my mind is blown) at least 3 times a day just to make up for the previous 3 years. There is some moyd for you.

Dan said...

i'm ready to call it, i don't know how many more times i can come to this blog (especially given my lack of free time) and be let down by a lack of blog entries.