Days 15,16,17,18,19, & 20

So If I do the math I'm close to half way there. Under a month to go. That is nice I suppose. However, St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and when I think back to last year on St. Patrick's Day I felt like I was a lot further on in the quest for a free trip into heaven. And when I looked back on it, I was indeed on day 41. Man that sounds so much better than day 20. Eff you lent for starting later this year. I was six days away than and I'm 4 weeks away now. That sucks. Oh well, I'll keep trucking on the best that I can. The first part of the week went swell and fast. I began the process of dwindling down my porn collection. It is a slow process. I can't subject myself to too much at a time or I kind of lose my mind. But I remained confident and proud. Once again though, the weekend rolled around and I was hit with some unexpected issues. Saturday during the day was fine and the evening was great because I accompanied the illman to the gopher game (they won and are in the final five now) but the later part of the evening became a little spontaneous. I'll just say it right now...the strip club is not a good place for somebody who has not jerked off for 18 days. Not only that but strippers don't care about the fact that you have not jerked off in 18 days. Thankfully I was not tortured with a lap dance. That could of becum messy. God that is gross. I came home and took three shots of whiskey and immediately iced my balls for the remainder of the night until I passed out. Torture I tell you.

This is all history though and it is just one more feat to add to the list of my MOYD accomplishments. I hope to make it through this week swimmingly. Tonight I'm busy. Tomorrow I'm drunk. And the rest of the week I'm pretty occupied with work and such. Its the weekends I dread. As far as the soda addiction goes, I still crave a cold Mountain Dew after or during work. That is the hardest part. The headaches have slowly gone away but that might be an illusion because I have been popping a lot of pain relievers for this tooth ache that I have had the past few weeks. Tomorrow I will more than likely relapse because I can't really see myself not having a Jameson-coke. I feel alright about that though. Sean posted an article about how and why to quit drinking soda. It was quite nice of him to do that. It mentions the health and diet aspects of quitting. I knew about those and I have heard of weight loss stories of people who simply just relieved themselves of soda. I don't think that applies to me though. I kind of just filled the void of caffeine with half gallons of chocolate milk in a day and a ton of Gatorade. So I'm still drinking a ton of sugar. The article didn't touch on whether or not Gatorade is healthier for you but I can only assume it is at least a little bit better than four sodas a day. I don't see myself losing weight because of this though but that is alright because I'm comfortable, confident, jerk free man. The beard is coming in at a slow rate. I warned of this but Sean felt the need to make me feel bad about it anyway. My brother stopped shaving for lent as well so we kind of look identical at work since I cut my hair. So many frequent costumers start talking to me like I'm him and don't realize it until I say something. That is kind of entertaining. So I'm going to go prepare some toasts for tomorrow. Most of them will be about me not whacking off and I will be giving them to myself because I don't have any plans for tomorrow as of now. I'm going to try to put something together over on the other blog tonight in honor of the glorious holiday so you can check that out later if you wish.

Until we meet again,


Nocturnal Emissions: 0
Confidence: 47%


momo said...

its gonna be hard to be drunk all day when you need to drive ill to the wild game... I am proud of you, god knows that all I have thought about since Saturday night are the 2 chicks that were on stage at the end of the night. Wow. Needless to say it was even more incentive to become filthy rich so I can blow my money there.

momo said...

p.s. just looked at the other blog...you raised my hopes and crushed them. If you want to see my take on st. patties day check seanslittleworld.blogspot.com :-)

Dan said...

The readers of MOYD are really getting screwed here. While the quality is still top notch I am missing the quantity that used to come with it. Anywho, icing the balls sounds like a trip. A strip club during MOYD season is one of the ballsiest things done in 2009, and it very well may go unchallenged. On that note, bring on 2010, this year is in the bag.