DAYS 9,10,11, 12, 13, &14

Two weeks in and I'm slumping in every aspect. However, I have yet to concede. That is the only positive take I can put on it. Through the first week I was golden thinking happy thoughts such as, "wow this is a breeze and not even a challenge anymore" and "I can't believe I have made such a big deal about this. This is cake." Well I had the same attitude for days 9 & 10 but once the weekend rolled around I was hit with reality. I had a lot of down time and was completely caught up on my programs so I spent a lot of time on the naked lady machine. There are only so many websites I can browse before I have the itch to go and see whats new in that world of porn that I love so much. Major set back. I thought I was done with the whole alt porn, suicide girls, punk chicks thing but a burning angels mega pack caught my eyes and I had to download to take a look. 6 gigs of girls that aren't even hot brought me to my breaking point. I came as close and you can come (cum) to failing at this objective. It rattled my confidence extremely. So I came to a enormous decision to delete my porn collection. No bloopers, no nothing. It was something I should have done before MOYD season because I don't just ctrl a and delete. No, I watch every little file one last time and than cry a little bit while I right click and delete. I confess here though that I failed at this. I couldn't part ways with some special clips of mine. My new plan is to put them all in a nice little folder and bury it the depth of my computer hoping to never set eyes on it until April 13th. Yes, yes that is what I will do.

I apologize for not doing a day by day analysis. I felt like it would be a carbon copy of last years running diary and I did not want to bore the audience. Also, I was struggling so much the past few days that I couldn't bring myself to this sacred place. I will try to be more punctual from now on though. 3 posts is not enough for 14 days, I realize this. 14 days. That puts me over a quarter way to the goal. While that sounds nice, I don't think I'll make it if the next 12 days are anything like the past few. I guess the only thing I can do is pray.

Special shout out to the Dan's new addition. Maybe someday when he's like 8 you can show him this special place and he can be honored that he was mentioned. No?


Nocturnal Emissions: 0
Confidence: 5%


Mark said...

I don't care if it gets repetitive. I want daily posts

Dan said...

This post warmed my heart well before I got to my shoutout. I love this blog more than I love many things in life.

I can't believe you watch every file though, man that is really bringing the flames.

I agree with Mark, I want daily posts as well.

momo said...

I assumed this post your were trying to resist the urge to crack open a soda while watching your videos one last time. Maybe I am mistaken?? Well either way here is a little site that might give you a mini boost of confidence.

momo said...
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Andy said...

Deadly Sinners!!!!!