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Sooooooo, it is that time of year again. The time when I embark on this hanus idea of giving up something that makes me extremely happy for lent. This will be the third year I attempt to not masturbate for this holy period. Year one I failed on technicality. Year two I struggled, but completed the quest. Year three I plan on breezing through the journey. As a reminder, I do not put myself through such brutal torture because I'm a super catholic, gun ho religious person, but because I love a challenge and this is a nice time period in which to take one on. If by doing this I get extra points in Jesus and God's eyes, so be it. I will say that I felt closer to God after keeping my hand off my unit last year.

This year I planned on upping the ante and challenging myself a bit more. In addition of becoming master of my domain, I planned on giving up soda (I have been addicted to some form of caffeine since I was twelve-years-old), cigarettes (I have been smoking for under a year and felt I needed to quit anyway), and to also not shave for the duration of lent, which is 46 days this year. After day one I had already failed at quitting cigs. This made me tell myself, "wow, hey, they really are addicting." So yeah, woops. Giving up soda will more than make up for this though. I haven't gone more than a week without some form of soda each day for a long long time. As far as the no shaving goes, that is really just something to do for others to gauge my progress during the moyd season. So you might see me 30 days into this and see a dirty looking being and say, "damn, he must be getting pretty close." This will also show how slow my facial hair actually grows.

So without further ado...

DAY 1, 2, & 3
I can recall from previous years that the first week and first few days specifically can end up being the toughest. I am fairing well though. I have only had thoughts to pull down my pants maybe twice each day. Today is a different tale, being that I'm not working at the moment and have a lot of downtime on my hand (ha pun!). Fortunately I am writing this now and keeping my mind off it (actually that is precisely what I'm not doing by writing this). I got the calendar all marked out. The mission is 46 days, 47 if you count Easter which I will undoubtedly do. As far as no soda goes, that is sucking. I got headaches immediately and have been popping (more pun!) pills constantly to maintain them. I fear it will take over a week to rid these pains but am hoping that once they're gone I will be in the clear for the projected 46 days.

It appears I will also be giving up my cars heater for lent because it decided to stop working. It made driving around in the snow storm last night even more fun. Today is cold though and I am getting pissed at that bitch legacy. She must know that I am punishing my well-being right now so she is doing the same as well. How nice. We're so close to the spring and nice weather though so it is unlikely that I get it fixed. I have spent way too much on it already this winter so I'll just tough it out.

Righty-o. I'll refrain from some of the ideas I had last year going into this. Like extra motivation to find a girl who likes to tug me off. HA. I'm a little more realistic and a lot more pathetic a year later. So for fans of people who like to watch me torture myself, I'll try to give you a ride into prosperity. I'll see you at the pearly gates.


Confidence Meter: 80%

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Tom said...
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Tom said...

I don't even care if you make it through without masturbating. I just want to see what your beard looks like on day 40

momo said...

"but because I love a challenge and this is a nice time period in which to take one on."

come train for a marathon, that's a nice challenge at this type of year (see: forecast)

bitterness aside I wish you the best of luck. The beard thing would really be badass if you kept it until lent 2010 was over! I think you will learn that the beard becomes amazing after a few weeks though.

Dan said...

i was so excited to read about this in your other blog. i wish you good luck. this is becoming the annual event i look forward to most. look out christmas, birthday, and coming home to minnesota for <5 days a year, tylers MYOD is coming on hard and strong.

Dan said...


of and i am going to post my confidence level on each entry to add some sort of independence. however, i do not know how accurate my ratings will be as i do not have your tv lineup, and daily amount of free time on which to base my judgement.